Child Custody

shutterstock_137446907Child custody matters are the most sensitive that our courts hear and, as such, should be handled with the utmost care.  Without the right attorney by your side, the other parent, his or her attorney and the judge may not truly understand your point of view or appreciate the fact that you have your children’s best interest in mind.  And those problems are only compounded with an aggressive attorney on the other side or another parent who lies to make you look bad or make him/herself look like parent of the year.


Attorney Raymond will take the time to listen to all of your parenting concerns and ensure that they are effectively communicated to the other parent and, more importantly, the court.  With his vast experience in custody matters, Attorney Raymond can help to guide you in fashioning a settlement that is truly in your children’s best interests, and if settlement is not possible, Attorney Raymond will zealously advocate for you in court.