Mediation can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of resolving any matrimonial or family law issue.  Rather than each party retaining an attorney and potentially wasting countless hours (thousands of dollars) in court, a good mediator can listen to the parties issues, cut to the quick, explain the law and help the parties draft an agreement that is fair and equitable.


Attorney Raymond not only listens to the parties in a mediation, he takes the time to understand the unique dynamic of the parties’ relationship and, where applicable, each party’s relationship with their children in order to craft the best possible settlement agreements and parenting plans.  Attorney Raymond has helped some of the most argumentative individuals resolve complex alimony, child support and custody issues with great success.  Attorney Raymond carefully explains the applicable laws so that each party understands his or her rights and obligations.  He is incredibly detail-oriented and careful when drafting any agreement, making sure that both parties understand every detail of the agreement before it is signed.

Take a moment to review Attorney Raymond’s Mediation Protocol and call us today to see if he can help you resolve your dispute as quickly and skillfully as possible.