Review Counsel

There are many aspects of family and matrimonial cases that require the skilled eye and the knowledge and experience of an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.  For example, while you and the mother/father of your children may be able to form a “parenting plan” on your own, there are issues that you may not spot – issues which years from now may leave you wishing you had retained an attorney.  Likewise, although you may be able to resolve your financial disputes through the Family Relations Office of the court and/or with the assistance of a mediator, independent review counsel can often spot issues that may not be apparent to third parties, and review counsel may, at the very least, give you a sense of whether the agreement is fair and reasonable.

The role of a review counselor can be as discrete or active as is necessary, whether that means remaining completely in the background without so much as an email to the other party or coming into mediation sessions and advocating for you.  And if you end up needing an attorney to become “counsel of record” for you, that can be arranged.  Call us today to see if Attorney Raymond can act as review counsel for you.