shutterstock_374346844Going through a divorce is painful enough, but the divorce process can be incredibly complicated, time consuming and emotional.  If you decide to represent yourself, you are shouldering every aspect of the process: filing pleadings, going to court, negotiating with your spouse and/or his or her attorney, etc.  Worse still, representing yourself may cost you more in attorney’s fees down the road if you make a mistake.

shutterstock_262168889If you do retain an attorney to represent you throughout your divorce, the attorney that you choose can have drastic effects on your case.  Retain a “pit bull” and you could wind up with unreasonable expectations concerning the results of your case.  On the other hand, retaining an attorney who wants to handle everything amicably may lead to poor results in court when you need a zealous advocate in your corner.

Attorney Raymond has successfully guided numerous clients through the divorce process with empathy, sincerity and respect.  He makes sure that his clients are informed throughout the entire process and that they know what to reasonably expect in terms of results.

shutterstock_345692747Attorney Raymond does not bill clients for unnecessary services, nor does he oppose reasonable settlement prospects simply because you have the money to spend.  When working with you to resolve your case, Attorney Raymond will give you the tools to keep more money in your pocket at the end of the case so that you can apply it to more important things like retirement or college savings for your children.

Attorney Raymond knows when to work with other attorneys and pro se litigants to resolve issues outside of court, but he also knows when there is simply no reasoning with the unreasonable.  Whether in the courtroom or in negotiations, Attorney Raymond is professional, prepared and strong.  He has the skills to ensure that your voice is heard and your rights protected.

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