Traditional Legal Services

Attorney Raymond represents clients with issues spanning the entire family and matrimonial law spectrum, including:


Attorney Raymond acts as a divorce mediator, both for couples who are independently represented by counsel and for self-represented individuals who want to forgo independent legal representation.  For those already working with a mediator, Attorney Raymond offers confidential review counsel services and advocates for clients in mediation.  Learn More

Guardian Ad Litem / Attorney for Minor Children

Attorney Raymond accepts Guardian Ad Litem appointments, both private and by court appointment, and acts as an attorney for minor children in custody matters.  Learn More

Cost-Saving Services

Attorney Raymond offers several cost-saving services, what some may call “unbundled” or “a la carte” legal services, designed to let you, the client, choose which services you can afford and need most.  Learn More

To schedule a consultation with Attorney Raymond, please call us or leave a confidential message for Attorney Raymond and review our page concerning what to bring with you to the consultation.