Tyler worked with me and husband. When this process first started I thought this would be the toughest situation I’ll have to face. As I picked up all my paperwork I tough I don’t know where to start. As Tyler was at court with a client I waited and ask for help. He gave me his card I left a message for him moments later got a call back by end of day and months later we were all at court getting divorced. He worked closely with my husband and I and we went through a smooth divorce. Thanks Tyler.

[Originally posted by “Kelia” on Avvo.com on August 29, 2017]


Tyler knows the family court system well; he efficiently and professionally navigated me to reach a very fair divorce settlement despite an unpredictable spouse. He remained calm and level-headed throughout the process, in turn helping me to stay sane. He was very fair financially given my settlement and tight budget.
Above all, Tyler clearly cares about the well-being of my children and our family. For example, in a post-divorce challenge involving my children, instead of rushing into court Tyler expertly guided me to avoid escalation and to seek the appropriate help for my kids.

[Originally posted by “Jeffrey” on Avvo.com on April 29, 2017]


After my first consultation with Tyler I hired him the next day. He listens and offered the advise I needed to move on with my divorce. Tyler kept close to his estimates and I was very satisfied with his knowledge and service. The lawyer I retained previously only cared about the money he could make from my divorce and it dragged on for 6 months.  Tyler organized the mess and I was divorced in 3 months. Hire Tyler!

[Originally posted by “anonymous” on Avvo.com on March 28, 2017]


Tyler worked with me in both divorce and custody action and was extremely effective as well as personable. He also worked in my best interest in ways, I did not realize, from the beginning, and got me what I believe is the best result possible in a fairness and financial standpoint, always also concerned my with my child’s best interest. His relationships with both opposing consul as well as the Judiciary were all at the highest level of performance. I highly recommend Tyler Raymond for best family lawyer in the greater Bridgeport area and further surroundings of Connecticut.

[Originally posted by “Jonathan” on Avvo.com on March 1, 2017]


Tyler’s handling of my divorce was efficacious and efficient — even though my spouse was volatile throughout the process, Tyler helped rein in the situation and keep things manageable. Tyler’s management of the case was unfailingly professional and honest; I felt that he always had my interests at heart.

[Originally posted by “a client” on Avvo.com on June 20, 2016]


… Never ever felt that I was taken advantage of – absolute honesty. Sticking to the subject during conferences and email sessions. Never unnecessary initiation of communication. Respectful to opponents. Very diligent. Very fluent and well versed in all financial aspects of the case. Very sensitive to my demands (even when they are irritating) as everyone goes through difficult times. Clarity of bills. And communicated possible outcomes really well. I would put honesty above all, though. And looks like this is the style of Amendola & Amendola. So if you want good lawyer without worrying about clock Tyler will find optimal and most economical way to represent you so you get best value for buck. Recommend with both hands!!!!

[Originally posted by “a client” on Avvo.com on June 15, 2016]


This man never took a moment off. He explored every option available to try and help me with a relocation case. While other lawyers were exercising ignorance and vulgarity, Tyler was always cool, calm and collected. Respectful, full of class. He fought for me like a lion. Could not ask for a better lawyer or a better man. I recommend Tyler to anyone who has a family law case. Humble, full of heart and just an amazing lawyer.

[Originally posted by “Gamaliel” on Avvo.com on May 26, 2016]


… I selected Tyler because he was the most sincere at the time. I was very fortunate to have him represent me, especially out of state. It was a decision, looking back now that was well made.  I trust him especially after our initial call.  He took the case and carried it through with brilliance.  The way [his former] office handled the finance’s and reimbursement, was so honest and utmost professional.  I strongly refer Tyler Raymond as your family Attorney.

[Originally posted by “J’ean” on Avvo.com on March 1, 2016]


… Tyler was extremely professional; he returned calls promptly and communicated effectively the entire process. He was very compassionate when needed, and very tough when needed.  He handled the emotional, financial and daunting process with ease and made me feel confident about our discussions the whole way through. I would highly recommend Tyler Raymond if you must go through this difficult process.

[Originally posted by “a client” on Avvo.com on February 28, 2016]


… After a very trying 10 months of back and forth dialogues, a 3 1/2 hr. deposition, and other issues, Tyler Raymond was able to negotiate a great settlement. I don’t know what I would have done without Tyler’s support, his advice, and his negotiating skills.  He was calm and encouraging when I was frazzled, and remained firm and steady when the final arbitration went to court . I would highly recommend Tyler Raymond in any divorce settlement.

[Originally posted by “Laurie” on Avvo.com on February 22, 2016]


… I was scared and angry and Tyler was empathetic, patient and thorough in his discussions with me. He was able to make recommendations that were both in my best interest and those of my children.  We settled the matter without having to go back to trial and with minimal billable time. Tyler has always been responsive and helpful, even as small ongoing matters arise. I would recommend Attorney Raymond for your family law matters.

[Originally posted by “a client” on Avvo.com on February 14, 2016]


… It was important for me to have someone in my corner who would work diligently and patiently as we sifted through the mountains of paperwork (often confusing, incomplete, and inaccurate) offered up by the other side. Tyler fit the bill perfectly. He’s smart as a whip, and possesses sharp tax and financial skills, which he applied enthusiastically to my case.

If you want your attorney to be a “shark”, Tyler may not be your man. But what I wanted was someone who knows the law cold (but explains it well to a layperson), who listens well, who makes you feel like you’re his only client, and that’s what I got with Tyler.

He always made me feel comfortable and prepared, and he always thought about the best interests of my children. I would also mention that he has the backing and resources of a terrific law firm.

[Originally posted by “Preston” on Avvo.com on February 9, 2016]


Tyler helped us mediate our divorce. He guided us through the legal aspects with quiet confidence and helped us understand all the details we needed in order to make good decisions. Having Tyler as our mediator made the whole experience much easier and less stressful than it could have been. He also guided us through discussing difficult issues with each other in his office. I would highly recommend Tyler to any couple in need of mediation services.

[Originally posted by “Robert” on Avvo.com on February 6, 2016]


Tyler represented me in my divorce. From day one he thoroughly prepared me for each step of the process. It’s daunting and emotional to go through a divorce, I felt like my whole life was hanging in the balance. Tyler crafted an excellent argument on my behalf and obtained a winning outcome.  I felt like he really had my back! He proved to be an honest and dedicated advocate for me.

Tyler is both professional and upbeat. He took the time to understand all the details of my case. As we were getting close to the trial he reminded me of things I had discussed with him months before. He knew the details better than I did.

[Originally posted by “a client” on Avvo.com on February 5, 2016]


Tyler was very professional. He was strong and firm when he needed to be, but he was also a calming influence. He always seemed to find the most reasonable and efficient way to proceed. I was very satisfied to have him represent me.

[Originally posted by “Kenny” on Avvo.com on February 4, 2016]


I had hired Tyler to help me with my divorce. He understood my situation was stressful in all aspects of the word. He genuinely asked how I was doing through the process as well as after. For going through something so personal and emotional, it was comforting knowing he was on my side.

[Originally posted by “Jessica” on Avvo.com on February 3, 2016]