Discovery Compliance/Review

The discovery process in family and matrimonial matters can be incredibly daunting, time consuming and tedious.  Producing bank and credit card statements, responding to pages and pages of interrogatory questions, responding to to requests to admit certain “facts” that are far from reality and appearing at depositions to answer incredibly personal and intrusive questions are just some of the tasks thashutterstock_199876136t you may have to perform.  Doing so without an attorney is typically not a wise decision, particularly if your financial well-being or the well-being of your children are at stake.  Attorney Raymond can advise your through this process, explaining your rights and obligations without the need to retain him as “counsel of record”.  He can help you complete interrogatories or requests for admission to make sure that your answers aren’t twisted against you later on.  He can even appear at a deposition with you to ensure that the proper objections are made and that you are not taken advantage of.  Don’t face the discovery process alone – call us so that we can help you through it.