Initial Consultation

Tyler Raymond -1785editedAttorney Raymond offers an initial consultation at a reduced rate.  Regardless of whether you hire Attorney Raymond or not, the information you provide during your consultation is private and confidential.

Although not necessary, it would be useful if you would bring with you to the initial consultation copies of the following documents, if available:

Financial Matters

  • Your most recent pay stub.
  • Your last 3 years of U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns
  • Any existing court orders concerning your financial rights/obligations
  • Any financial affidavits that you have ever filed with any court

Child Custody Matters

  • Any existing court orders concerning custody/access of your children
  • Recent correspondence  between you and the other parent of your children concerning any ongoing dispute
  • Any documents/photos you may have concerning any allegations of abuse/neglect of your children

If you believe that it would benefit you for Attorney Raymond to review any other documents during your initial consultation, please bring those documents with you.