Financial Affidavit Drafting

When financial issues arise in matrimonial and family matters, the financial affidavit is the single most important document to be filed.  Financial affidavits are seen by both the opposing party and the court and must be sworn-to under oath, so the information contained in your financial affidavit must be 100% accurate, otherwise you may be accused of perjury.Fin Aff

Unfortunately, the simple court form financial affidavits are not very intuitive and do not give you the ability to input every aspect of your financial circumstances as clearly as may be necessary.  In addition, you may be overlooking certain items that may be pivotal to your case but which may seem inconsequential to you.

At Raymond Family Law, we have the knowledge and skill to ensure that all of the appropriate questions are asked of you in order to produce a financial affidavit that you can sign with confidence.  Moreover, we have the ability to contour the financial affidavit form to ensure that all of your income, assets, expenses and liabilities are accurately reflected.  If you  have complex financial issues but want to represent yourself, know your limits – hire Attorney Raymond to help you fill out your financial affidavit.