Limited Scope Representation

Sometimes you only need an attorney for certain aspects of your case.

  • Do you have simple financial circumstances but you need the skill and experience of an attorney to represent you as it pertains to child custody?  Attorney Raymond could to protect your rights concerning the custody aspects of your case, showing up to court and negotiating on your behalf, while leaving the financial fight up to you.
  • Don’t know how to defend against a motion for contempt?  Call Attorney Raymond and he could step in to fight that motion for you while leaving the rest of the case in your hands.
  • Were you served a discovery request and have no idea what you are obligated to produce?  Attorney Raymond can advise you concerning your rights and obligations and, if certain requests are objectionable, file appropriate objections and appear in court to make the argument.

Many issues in  family and matrimonial cases can be singled out so that you can focus your financial resources where they matter most.  Call us today to determine the issues with which we may be able to help.